Business is often serious and there’s a reason for that. Such seriousness may sometimes be detrimental, however. Personally, if I want to cooperate with someone, I like to get to know the other party a little prior to the commencement of the cooperation. This page answers the following question a little bit: what do I do when I’m not working or even better: what is Viktor like in private?


I have a dog Luky whom I adopted from a shelter. He teaches me to enjoy little moments and joys in life.

I like nature and travelling but I prefer a bit more adventurous situations and destinations. I’ve been on dozens of night hikes in the woods and mountains. I like it best in the winter when there’s snow everywhere. The forest is especially charming during the night.


I finished a less common field of study of Art History, which I'm however professionally not doing, but it still affects me significantly. Topics about art, originality, connexion to history, and "different views" towards life, etc. are contributing to my working life too.


Art on the wall dividing Israel and Palestine.

Unfortunately, I didn't find Banksy.


Even picking up litter can be fun.


Yes, I'm hairy.  

One pair of tiny legs are not on the picture.


My friend Luky, who is teaching me to enjoy little joys of life.


Záruby peak - night, winter hike with the best buddy.


Beloved Štiavnica from Sitno.

I also traveled a bit. Israel, Palestine, and even Kosovo made quite an impression on me. In Slovakia, I like the city of Banská Štiavnica the most. This is the place where I feel great. I try to spend a couple of days there at least twice a year.

It might be considered odd by some, but there was a period of a few years when I was collecting garbage once or twice a month often with my son.


There is a lot more that could be written, but let’s keep all that for later.