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business with human face, ego, give & take and workplace toxicity.  


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Most important to me is providing value, clearly visible in business. For that reason, if you think I'm not delivering the expected value, please tell me. Training or consultation will be for free.

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I do like my work. It gives me meaning and satisfaction. For that reason, I prefer to cooperate with key people who are passionate.


         AM I THE RIGHT ONE?         


If the objective is better suited for other professionals, I don't want the job just for money, I rather connect you with someone better.



- real experience, I'm not a theoretician

- adaptability to the audience's seniority


afraid of crisis? 


I teach you all acquisition techniques by taking into account the specifics of your industry. That's my specialty knowledge.


Emotions, irrationality, primary needs ... are the keys to skillful negotiation. Rationality too, but often less. Do you know how to use professional negotiation techniques? 


Do you worry about handling objections? I don't, objections are mainly a good signal. Do you know, how to specifically bring insights?  Do you know, how to effectively add value?...


LinkedIn is a highly successful complementary sales channel, however, I often see an inefficient approach used by many. Visibility is good, but by far not the most important. By the way, did you know how crucial are sales actions not visible to others?


adapt to the situation


My main leadership topic. 

What's your take on "give more than take" leadership style? And what about the ego? This is an area close to my heart.


How to correctly use the main, basic leadership techniques. Giving feedback which works, effective goals setting, situational leadership ...


specific themes influenced by my life's journey

These topics are very personal to me and that's the reason I offer them for symbolic value. Don't want to make a profit on this.



It's about my own experiences and struggles with mental health. Stories, feelings and situations not about others, but experiences from my own life. That's what I miss a bit in this important topic and I'm willing to help with reducing the stigma.


Women in the same positions earn compared to men less. That's a fact. I would like to help women and change it by understanding the reasons behind, but mainly concrete solutions based on science, different models of behaviour, negotiation techniques, etc.


I have been lucky to work with some great clients

I started following Viktor Kostický in 2019. I was captivated by his authenticity, but also by the topics he put in the foreground. Gradually, we started working together and Viktor began to train Clarios leaders in various fields. I would like to highlight the topic of Ego and leadership, give vs take, how to identify internal toxicity in companies and how to address it. Although I have heard these topics by Viktor several times on many forums, I have learned new things every time. Viktor's passion for learning new things helps him to keep moving forward and he selflessly shares these topics with his surroundings during training. Never before have we had such long discussions as after Viktor's training with the entire management team. Viktor generates emotions and they persist in people's minds long after training.
Juraj Barus, Global Finance Shared Service Centers Director, Clarios
"It is rare to come across a person like Viktor. At first, we hired Victor to train our sales team of 30 people to start using LinkedIn as a complementary sales channel to the traditional ones. While training, Viktor proved not only his know-how of LinkedIn techniques, but also used his wide knowledge from the psychology of sales, behavioral psychology and presented real, tangible, use cases. He brings value, clear message, and sales point of view with a high level of empathy. It is surely what we expected from an external trainer and consultant. In addition, after the experience with LinkedIn, we worked with Viktor on another project, “Audit of the sales team.” There, Victor, again proved his professionalism and ability to focus on what is important. I highly recommend Viktor to anyone whose focus is to improve sales techniques, looks for an external point of view on long-established modus operandi or help with an introduction of social selling."
Martin Žák, Sales Director, Slovanet

"Viktor's training about Acquisition strategies was a time of fun, interaction and surprising information and excellent ideas for getting new clients and being able to do real business on LinkedIn. Viktor knows about the psychology of purchase decisions far more, than he was able in the given format to provide, but he selected those which are practical for the community of professional coaches. We received a completely new perspective for personal branding rules and everyone understood concrete ways, how to add value to customers, create trust, and build his own credibility. 

Zora Inka Grohoľová, ACC, President ICF Slovak Charter Chapter

"I wanted to give my team a Christmas present. I chose training with Viktor, who was recommended to me and I don't regret it. The training was focused on the topic of "Negotiation". "It was a valuable time full of practical advice and active involvement". Those are the words of my team. I like Viktor's communication. It is professional, accurate, clear and yet simple. Easy and quick to grasp for everyone."

Lucia Ilašenková, Sales Director of Corporate Clients, Generali

“Viktor’s workshops on sales skills, leadership, efficient negotiating techniques, face2face business, and others have always had great success with the audience. The audience had a positive response to the interactive nature and quality of the presentations.”
Michala Hrnčiarová, CEO, Coworking Cvernovka

“Viktor’s mentoring and sales workshops for start-ups as part of the annual start-up incubators Uplift and Impact Incubator in Impact Hub have always met with an enthusiastic response and many positive feedbacks.”

Branislav Šmidt, Managing Director, Impact Hub

“Viktor is a very kind person, he is a real giver. Viktor helped me to define my Linkedin strategy and provided useful advice on how to gain new leads and expand my network. He selflessly gave me advice in negotiating several B2B deals, which resulted in new business. He is an experienced seller and negotiator and I am happy that I could contact him to get candid feedback on different business occasions.”
Diana Rusnáková, Agile, Lean and Change Management Coach
"As a startup we needed advice on how to do sales and formalize our sales processes. Viktor is an experienced professional who helped us understand how to set up our sales strategy, which segments to focus on, and track the whole process. All that in a matter of a few hours, which was for us invaluable. Looking back at our mentoring sessions with Viktor I must say that his guidance and experience were fundamental for moving our company forward to a more developed stage.."
Pavol Magic, CEO, Biotron Foundation

“In our company Vermivital, which deals with the production of organic fertilizers from vermicompost, Viktor implemented a long-term project of comprehensive investment idea validation of opening a second production division focused on B2C segment and retail for Central Europe. The project provided comprehensive coverage of the following areas – verifying the potential of neighboring countries’ markets,  profitability scenarios, identifying materials for new products, investments in production capacity, human resource planning, analysis of the competition in other countries, go-to-market strategy, etc.”

Miroslav Fedor, Owner, Hernwood Services



After 11+ years of management experience in leading sales departments, companies, and teams, I changed my career and started to fully focus on adding value to others. This change happened gradually, but the main impact on the decision was due to the biggest battle in my life, that I ever fought. I managed to defeat a long serious illness, which forced me to rethink my life. I came to a finding, that sharing experiences and providing value is fulfilling me. Apart from that, I like the thought of connecting long term expertise with my profession, what to my surprise is not always a standard.

I have experience in leading IBM’s Business Development Department for Central and Eastern Europe and Dell’s Sales Department and Sales Teams. After wrapping up my corporate career, I led a fintech company and later on, I set up my own start-up Ready for Sport.


In addition to running several companies and management career, I have consulting experience in providing assistance to both individuals and companies alike. As a consultant, I have offered advice on setting up the appropriate sales strategies, development centers, to e.g. implementing a half-year project of investment validation of opening a new production division with expansion into Central European countries. I am providing coaching and mentoring services to individuals and in addition to the aforementioned activities, I deliver regular lectures in co-working centers.

I consider myself a rational human being. I like facts, science, evidence, and numbers. On the other hand, I finished a less common field of study, Art History, which is defining my second personality trait. I think I can perceive the world and work in various shades and expressions.





How do we know, if you are truly satisfied? The decision is made only by you. If you assess, that the actual value wasn't achieved, I will respect your opinion.

Maybe you're thinking, why is he doing it? Why such a strong guarantee and such commitment? And why the guarantee? In case you have a different opinion, I will stand behind my commitment.

It's my principle. I want to deliver a clear business value. Apart from that, I believe, when I'm offering a service, I should be convinced of the provided quality and added value. I am!

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